Hot printing

Tipografia Cioni

Hot stamping specialists

Refinement, value, uniqueness: hot stamping transmits these three sensations, as well as embellishing the print, making it exclusive.

Thanks to our Heidelberg machines and a wide range of hot holographic foils of various colors, we are able to create unique and quality products responding to a wide range of needs.

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Our company hot stamping on paper also with relief and die-cutting (we go from a minimum size 10 × 10 to a maximum 35 × 50) realizing:

  • molded bottoms and lids for boxes
  • tags for clothing
  • business cards
  • labels
  • embossed prints
  • hot stamping for various purposes
  • printed and die-cut boxes
  • paper die-cutting for various purposes
  • third party processing (eg offset printing)
  • bonding of paper maximum size 72 × 102 cm

The art of hot stamping

Tipografia Cioni

Technology and tradition for an impeccable result

We combine the precision of the nineteenth-century German Heidelberg printing presses with the most modern computerized systems for hot stamping. Thus was born the art of hot stamping.

The process is obtained through a cliché which is fixed on the platen of the printing machine, and then heated by a computerized system. The colored foil is interposed between the support to be printed and the cliché; when the latter presses against the sheet, the heat detaches the coloring layer of the foil which is applied to the sheet itself. Our company offers numerous varieties of hot foil, the customer has the possibility to choose from a wide range of colors). Special engravings can be used to produce, in combination, also the relief on the printed image. So as to have an even more particular and distinctive final result. What you get are clear and brilliant writings and / or images.

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